What other professionals say about us and our services

I wanted to write a personal letter to you and Julie, and hope that I can get to do this to express my thanks to you both and to your very committed staff members. I felt that you offered an extremely professional approach to the work you undertake with the clients/service users you have placed with you. The communication you had with me was without doubt superb and I would not hesitate to recommend your service.

The fact that we were able to work so closely together, although geographically some distance away made this very difficult situation more manageable.

I really did appreciate your honest, open approach and thank you for all of the support you all gave, individually and as a unit. Many thanks.

Social Worker - Poole Social Services

The assessment was thorough and professional and I was able to trust the judgement of the assessors in this case. Serendipity were cooperative and helpful when discussing issues. Responses to queries were quick and clear. Serendipity appear to manage the balance between assessing parents and providing them with support.

Social Worker - Devon

Serendipity provided a clear and concise viability assessment for our client and whilst the assessment did not progress we appreciate your quick response and balanced analysis of the family’s circumstances.

Solicitor - Devon

Thank your for the summary of the care package that Ms [***] requires to enable her to return home with her children. A meeting has been convened with the Learning Disability Team and we are hopeful that support in line with your recommendations will be put in place. May I take this opportunity to thank you for your professional approach with this for my client.

Solicitor - Somerset

Thank you very much for all the hard work you have done with this family we have seen them blossom under the nurturing care of Serendipity.

Guardian - Somerset

Thank you for providing a fair and balanced assessment of the grandmother, under difficult circumstances in a short timescale.

Guardian - Somerset

I enclose a copy of [*****] book on Serendipity. I am delighted to let you know that the Court made a 12 month supervision order for the family. Thank you so much for all your help and guidance in this case which has played a huge part in creating such a positive outcome and better understanding among professionals of the issues faced by parents with learning disabilities.

Solicitor - Isle of Wight

What our clients have to say

Thanks for all the good things we done, knowing I was sometimes very stressed you helped calm me down and keep going.

I can see now how I kept calling you and bothering you when you were in the office but you always found time for me.

I enjoyed our sessions even when times were difficult we found a way to laugh.

I will think about you always and hope we can keep in touch.

Anonymous Former Resident

I recieved excellent support from all the staff

It was very friendly and helped me with areas of my parenting I needed improving

I feel that Serendipity and the staff have helped me and my kids so we are ready to live our future happy as a family

Thanks to everyone.

Anonymous Former Resident

I have enjoyed my stay a lot and don't want to leave but thank you so much for all the help that you have given me. I am so grateful for all the help and chance to prove myself.

Learning Disability mum

I am very grateful to have come to a place like this where everyone has been so lovely, especially Julie and Ian. I was really nervous about coming here but I have been very pleasantly surprised.

Anonymous Former Resident

I've been through a lot & I was made to feel welcome. Didn't like being told what to do first of all but then I understood they were helping me, not against me.

My gratitude to everyone

Anonymous Former Resident

We didn't really have a choice to give [***] up, after everything we went through, I was told I had a less than a 30% chance of keeping her, they wanted me to not only give [***] and my family up but also to go through another 3 months of assessments. We have decided that we are unable to look after [***] and are glad that we had the opportunity to have the assessment with Serendipity even though we can now see that we aren’t able to look after her.

We would also like to take this opportunity to say it was great meeting you, you are all fantastic people, and thank-you for making us feel so welcome.

Thanks again guys.

Anonymous Former Resident