Flexi Assessments

For families resident within a 50 mile radius of Serendipity, we are able to offer a Flexi Assessment which incorporates a part-residential, part-community assessment.

Independent Community Assessment

Community parenting assessments are based in the parent’s home either where children remain in their parent’s care or if in foster care. These can be incorporated with sessions provided in house at Serendipity and will include observations and analysis of contact where appropriate.

Family Group Conferences

If required, Serendipity are able to organise and facilitate Family Group Conferences. In our experience, Family Group Conferences can provide a particularly useful contribution to discharge planning.

Risk Assessment

In addition to parenting assessments, where all aspects or risks and concerns are considered, Serendipity are able to offer risk assessments of specific issues such as sexual risk and domestic abuse. These assessments are one off, stand-alone pieces of work and costs are estimated on an individual basis.

Pre-Birth Assessments

Serendipity are able to undertake both residential and community based pre-birth assessments.

Psychological & Psychiatric Assessments

Serendipity are unable to undertake Psychological and/or Psychiatric assessments. However, if required we are able to recommend well-known and local professional services.

Assessment Services

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