Over the years, Serendipity has become aware of the gap between leaving a residential assessment placement and returning to the community, in particular when moving to a new area and home.

After a successful piloting scheme, Serendipity now offer a four week transitional period of work with families in order to support them in returning to the community. The pilot demonstrated the benefits of continued communication with trusted staff members.

This transitional package consists of transporting the parent home. This is free of charge within 30 miles of Serendipity with mileage being charged after this. There is no additional cost for staff time.

If required, Serendipity can also provide a visit home prior to the end of the placement to ensure the home is ready for the family's return.

After being back in the community for two weeks we will offer one visit for two hours to the family, to establish whether any issues have arisen and to help with the resettlement process. This visit can include a urine drug test if appropriate. Additionally to this we will contact the family via telephone once a week for four weeks, offering telephone support.

Families can also make contact with the centre until the conclusion of Care Proceedings.

This package is included in the costing of assessments with the only additional costs being a mileage charge for over 30 miles.

Serendipity is aware of the strain on professionals in the current climate and over stretched resources. Therefore, by offering this service, we are able to support the family (and professionals responsible for decision making) in the family’s successful resettlement into the community.

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