Serendipity’s Values
  • Serendipity will work in partnership with families to protect children and prevent family breakdown.
  • We will operate pro-social modelling whereby staff present positive role models to reinforce positive parenting and sociable behaviour.
  • We encourage the use of cognitive skills such as consequential thinking, problem solving and critical reasoning.
  • We are committed to ensuring quality for families and will regularly monitor and review our services, we welcome feedback to enable us to continuously develop and improve.
Serendipity’s Beliefs
  • We believe that every individual should be treated with dignity and respect.
  • We believe that families can resolve difficulties together.
  • We believe that every individual should have the opportunities, support and encouragement to exercise control over their own lives, whilst acknowledging their responsibilities.
Serendipity’s Purpose
  • Serendipity provides placements for families, who are in difficulty.
  • We aim to provide assessments which are independent, child centred and detailed according to good practice and childcare legislation.
  • We will work with families to instil hope by building on their existing and possibly hidden strengths.
Serendipity’s Aims
  • To provide a residential centre of the highest standard, with the protection of children being paramount.
  • To promote the welfare of the families in our care as a priority.
  • To tackle discrimination, promote independence and ensure equality of opportunity is achieved.
  • To provide high quality staff to meet the diverse needs of the families.
  • To provide information and support to each individual.
  • To teach each person to develop their self esteem and encourage the learning of parenting, life and social skills.
  • To ensure that the families in our care will be given every opportunity through the progressive and continual encouraging of each individual to overcome any disadvantage they may have encountered.