Placements cannot be instantaneous, although in the case of emergency we will endeavour to hasten the process. The time taken for an admission ensures appropriate provision which meets the identified needs of the family.

Good planning and preparation are key to a successful placement. We always endeavour to match the needs of the family with the skills and personality of the staff.

Criteria for admission include
  • Availability
  • Families understanding and committing to the placement
  • The level of risk requiring monitoring
  • The level of addiction control
  • The level of adult violence risk
  • Opinion of professional reports
How to Refer
What happens next?
  • Serendipity need to make a decision regarding suitability
  • A family day visit is arranged
  • Viability is communicated to the referrer
  • Placement is agreed/disagreed
  • If agreed, funding needs to be assured
  • A copy of the Residents Guide will be sent to the family
  • A placement planning meeting will be held
  • All parties involved decide the appropriate level of monitoring

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